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Welcome to Glass Scratch Removal Services

In the past, glass with scratches and surface damaged would have been considered "scrap" and would need to be replaced. In Today's world, Glass Scratch Removal has changed all that. Damaged glass can now be cost effectively polished and restored with the GSR system.

For a fraction of the cost of the other less effective solutions on the market, you can now remove many types of surface damages such as rubs, staining, chemical spatters, graffiti damage and severe scratches (up to .004 of an inch deep) from most types of glass with ease.

Scratches on windows, glass doors, glass furniture, auto glass, glass buildings, new construction glass damage, glass graffiti, yacht glass, glass fish tanks scratches can now be removed.

We heard your requests for a glass scratch remover system that can remove serious glass scratches on all types of glass. Severe scratches are considered those you can feel with your fingernail. Existing services try to polish the glass using various materials in a slurry or paste form. This is only effective using expensive machinery, which will not work in a portable application. Now using a new technology, scratch removal is possible at a more affordable price.

Our GSR services can be use on almost any type of glass including laminated, curved, tempered, insulated, plate and mirrored glass.

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